The last 5 years of my life have been extremely challenging. I’ve had traumas and griefs one piled after another without much recovery time in between. The litany of challenges have taken their toll on my body and mind and mood. The healing journey it put me on led me to hours and hours of talk therapy, EMDR, loads of self help and spirituality books- and everything has helped to some degree. However, the build up of stuck emotion remained a daily challenge for my nervous system, executive functioning, and emotional reactivity. I have always struggled with dissociation (so I can keep functioning) so finding healing modalities that can keep me in deep processing for any length of time has been challenging. Nothing has gotten me in a flow of feeling and releasing faster than Marissa’s breathwork session. I flowed through pain and anger and sadness in such a satisfying way- and to a degree that I always reserved only possible through therapy. I feel palpably clearer after an hour of breathwork than I have after any of the other things I’ve tried. It was intimidating to me at first to opt into feeling my feelings in such an unguarded way, but Marissa felt so genuinely loving and safe that I always knew I was ok. I felt her light with me the whole time. It’s such an intriguingly beautiful way to process what’s inside and get it moving! And as an added bonus- I had a huge uptick in erotic energy afterwards that has lasted. It feels like my pilot light got turned back on after being blown out too many times and giving up. Thanks so so much, Marissa!!


Realize un breathwork con Marissa recientemente con resultados que superaron mis expectativas.. fue sorprendente para mi como mediante ejercicios de respiración, música terapeutica y la guía que Marissa realiza generé estados fisicos y emocionales de alta profundidad que desconocia, partes ocultas a mi consciencia que mediante el breathwork puede uno integrar en busca del crecimiento y la exploración personal.. la verdadera eficacía y magía de la experiencía es Marissa en si misma, su presencia llena de sabiduría y amabilidad, su energía humilde y poderosa a la vez, su guía que en todo momento de la terapía te acompaña en perfecta sincronia con la música y los elementos que ella ocupa, la forma en la que ella entiende y realiza el breathwork es lo que hace de la experiencía algo profundamente liberador, integrador y mágico.. gracias Marissa!


She has led me till the end of the process, making sure I am completely safe and quiet. The state of «nothing to do, nowhere to go” is pure presence with an open heart. I will never forget it. What is also very special and precious, Marissa gave me support afterward, always there, willing to talk, to check if I am all right, willing to assist me further. And I know and feel that her interest and support are real and honest. She gave me homework to do, which was also a great work to take care of myself further, to know how to heal this open wound. So, very powerful, thought through the session, which I recommend to everyone in need. We can only give as much as we experience ourselves, so this fact is also very supportive. Marissa knows and understands, as she was there, too.. this is very important to me.. to feel understood. Marissa, I am very grateful for this experience, and I know the universe has answered my prayers the other morning, sending you my way. Thank you!


Last night I experienced something new in my life. I meditated. A meditation that involved breathing techniques. Of course, I have meditated in the past and in spiritual ways. But last night was different. I am not an expert yet, and neither am I still. But this mere experience made me realize that within myself, there is something much more bigger than myself. What I felt was beautiful!!! Where have I been all this time??? I have found this experience, this method, for me to be like an anchor. I now know that no matter what happens around me now, I’m always going to be able to cling on this anchor to not fall apart. I still cannot stop thinking about how I felt when it was all over I felt lighter than a feather and flat like a pancake. I felt so fresh and new. Like when they clean a pipe with twist brush. I felt simply AMAZING. As Hellen Keller once said, “ The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” Thank you soooooo much for sharing your spirit with me last night. You have a contagious soul, Marissa. I will be fearless.


I did a session with Marissa in 2019 that was incredibly powerful. Marissa was intentional and present, holding space for me as I was letting go of difficult, painful, heart-wrenching emotions. Marissa helped me, most importantly, to feel safe throughout the session. It was one of the greatest releases I experienced on a soul level. It was truly an unforgettable experience.


Last night I experienced something new in my life. I meditated. A meditation that involved breathing techniques. Of course, I have meditated in the past and in spiritual ways. But last night was different. I am not an expert yet, and neither am I still.


Breathwork is the best way to wake up! The day is like this euphoria. I love it so much! I APPRECIATE you so much, Marissa. Thank you for an extraordinary session.


I can still feel the intense energy from yesterday’s breathwork; you are so freaking amazing, Marissa!!! POWERHOUSE!!!!!


Thank you so much!!!!!! I love you so much!! Thank you d for what you do!!!!! You are a ( gift!!! I feel so exuberantly free and joyful and have been dancing all morning!!! When did I lose that part of me??? I got her back!!! Thanks a million and a billion and trillion!!


God is in the details. The level of detail, heart, and conscientiousness Marissa puts into her Healing Air breath-work class creates an unforgettable experience for participants. For me, it was transcendental, etheric, cathartic, and of course, healing. I felt safe and deeply held throughout the entire process. I would not think twice about working with Marissa through her classes or coaching; her offerings are truly transformative.